Craig Herrington Naturopath, weight loss expert, natural cancer treatments, natural healing

Craig Herrington, ND was born and raised in Victoria, BC.  He attended the University of Victoria and then went on to graduate from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in 2005. Upon graduation he received the John Cosgrove award for clinical excellence and care. After living in Halifax for 5 years, and Ottawa for the last 4 years, he recently moved to Regina, SK with his wife and twin 9 year old boys to be closer to family.


With fifteen years of clinical experience, and having had the good fortune of treating and learning from thousands of patients, Dr. Herrington has a strong foundation for improving health outcomes. He has been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, on the use of Naturopathic Medicine in reducing Cardiovascular Risk Factors, and has developed many evidence based health and nutritional programs. He most recently developed the nutritional protocol to be used in a multi-centred study on Thoracic cancers.  He has lectured extensively across Canada to dozens of groups on various health optimization strategies. He regularly speaks to groups of physicians and other specialists on the use of integrative medicine.  


Dr. Herrington uses lifestyle based medical treatments, including clinical nutrition, exercise prescriptions, and when appropriate, certain natural health products. Dr. Herrington has a special focus on individuals diagnosed with Cancer.  He does not use alternative medicine as a primary treatment, but rather works with the patients oncologists and family doctor to reduce side effects, and reduce risk of disease recurrence. Dr. Herrington also treats individuals with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, as well as men’s and women’s health concerns. He works with athletes to improve performance, and is himself an avid runner, and cyclist. He ran his first marathon in 2017 and qualified for the Boston Marathon. You can follow Dr. Herrington's athletic pursuits here 


Dr. Herrington works with each person and their primary care health team, to develop a realistic lifestyle plan.  He does not use fad programs, supplementation, detoxes or other alternative medical treatments that lack evidence. His goal is to improve health in a way that is sustainable long term, and more importantly one that can be followed while enjoying life! 

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