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Regina Naturopathic Code of Ethics

We value integrity, honesty, and professionalism in our relationships with our patients.  As such we do not sell any natural health products or have any financial affiliation with any companies that manufacture or sell natural health products. 

We do not sell or promote unproven laboratory tests. Many tests do not pass scientific rigour and the reference ranges used have not been validated in clinical trials. Such tests include:

-Food allergy testing (such as IgG)

-Heavy metal urine, saliva, blood or hair analysis.  

-Blood testing for vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies.

While these test are appealing and the information generated can be interesting, alternative testing can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. There has been a trend in medicine over the last 25 years, to prescribe more tests, drugs and supplements. We believe that when it comes to health, often less is more.

We strongly support evidence based public health policies and physician health screenings.

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